Marta Klopf




Let's tech

2021, Web

Let’s tech is the subdivision of the Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik (Austrian Association for Electrical Engineering) that caters to children and teenagers (ages 10–18) and aims to spark interest in all things science and electrical engineering through stories and blog posts, as well as offer resources about finding a career path. They approached me when they decided to update their visual identity (which included a new name and a new website). The main challenge, for me, was to design a brand and a website that would feel youthful enough to appeal to younger children, yet be taken seriously by teenagers. Which is why the final design features bold and modern type, softened by bright colors and youthful hand-drawn elements. Each color also serves as a means of differentiating the different sections of the website. The logo is a visualization of an RC circuit, where the capacitor serves as an apostrophe. I loved working on this project because it empowers kids to learn, and especially focuses on young girls, who often feel discouraged to pursue an education in science or technical training.

The website can be found at

Client: OVE
Web Development: Stefan Haas