Marta Klopf





2019, Branding

"Fold once. Flip. And again. It’s an image from childhood that sticks with you. We take these memories as a starting point and transform them into a reduced, modern design that leaves room for the paper product to shine. The love for materials. The joy of making. And the sea in our hearts."

Papierboot is a brand of paper goods for which I designed the brand identity. I wanted to incorporate the idea of paper and the paper boat without being too literal or illustrative, so I decided to stick with the concept of “folding paper” for the logo and all the stationery. I decided to take this idea of "folding" literally when it came to the letterhead, which has the paper boat folding lines on the back, and the invitation for the opening, which can be folded into a boat.

Created at: En Garde
Client: Büchersegler Graz
Art direction: Valentin Zhuber-Okrog