Marta Klopf




Really what is life

2020, Web

Really what is life is a passion project that combines design with my love for traveling and travel photography. It is a website that collects my photographs from my travels around the world, while listing my bucket list destinations. I love projects that allow me to combine various skills and interests; in this case coding, design, photography, and storytelling. As far as the design aspect of the website, I wanted to stay as far as possible from the aesthetic of traditional travel blogs, and try to recreate the feel of a scrapbook or a photo album digitally. This is why the site combines vertical and horizontal scrolling, various contrasting typefaces and "sticker-like" elements. Working on this project was a blast, and the best part about it is that I can continue to update it and expand it the more material I collect. Take a look at the website here

Created as a personal project